Here you can find short essays and summaries on the thought of great classic and contemporary thinkers. These pages include brief overview of their thoughts, concepts and writings and links directing you to specific summaries and additional reading. This is a good place to start if you want to orient yourself with a specific thinker or find a summary of one of his works.

The Philosophy of Rene Descartes 
A Guide to Soren Kierkegaard's Philosophy 
Soren Kierkegaard: Terms, Ideas and Concepts
Karl Marx: Summary of Ideas and Theory 
Emile Durkheim Explained
Hegel: Overview of Philosophy
Sigmund Freud - Summary of Ideas and Main Concepts
Gaston Bachelard   
Michel Foucault: Summary of Main Ideas
Jean Baudrillard – Summary and Review of main Theories
Lacanian Terminology – Central Concepts in Lacan's Theory
Jürgen Habermas - outline of thought
Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer
Introduction to Martin Heidegger
Erving Goffman
Pierre Bourdieu
Anthony Giddens
Roman Jakobson
Noam Chomsky
Martin Buber
Franz Rosenzweig

If you're looking for good reference books on critical thinkers, here are some suggestions:

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