Sunday, April 21, 2019

Franz Rosenzweig and Existentialism - short introduction

Franz Rosenzweig was a contemporary, colleague, and close friend of Martin Buber.  The two co-wrote a variety of works, including a translation of the Hebrew Bible from the original Hebrew. Rosenzweig’s best-known individual work is the epic The Star of Redemption, a book of modern theology critical of modern philosophical idealism (embodied in Hegel’s systematization of human life and thought structure) which has had a massive influence on modern Jewish theology and philosophy since its publication in the early 20th century. Rosenzweig proposes an alternative to modern philosophy’s systematization of human existence in a paradigm shift from a sterile, removed modern philosophy of idealism and logic to a more Jewish, theistic system, emphasizing the primacy of the relationships between the world, Man (as human being), and God, which can also serve as a pathway for the redemption of the Jewish people as a nation.

Works by Franz Rosenzweig