Monday, July 26, 2021

Short Summary: The System of Objects / Baudrillard

The System of Objects is the first major work of the French sociologist and philosopher Jean Baudrillard.  Published in 1968 ,The System of Objects takes note of the evolutions of housing within French society and focuses on furnishing middle class housing , then in full development.

Baudrillard questions the new direction that are the objects of daily life within the companies postmodern .In this sense, it foreshadows the release of The Consumer Society two years later. For Jean Baudrillard in The System of Objects, the furniture that adorns French homes has undergone an evolution which has made them lose their traditional vocation of supporting bourgeois morality  : it is no longer embedded in solid wood and the heavy lines of tables and cabinets. of yesteryear. The materials evolve in favor of glass and the colors in favor of white , in particular in the bathroom , a place intended for the cleanliness of the body .

These remarks allow Baudrillard to launch a reflection on everyday objects.

Baudrillard notes that these no longer find their meaning in their primary utility as had been the case for previous generations but in their materiality, which constitutes a novelty directly linked to the modernization of the economy and society. French. Their industrial diffusion and their subjection to the versatile guidelines of fashion no longer prevent them from forming a coherent systemic set of signs from which the concept of consumption can be developed .

Thus, the interiors become fundamentally "modular" to allow the master of the house to produce a message for his guests: its layout becomes an imperative to which the quest for prestige contributes.

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