Sunday, July 11, 2021

Development of Personality by Carl Jung - Summary

On the Development of Personality is a set of works by Carl Gustav Jung included in the seventeenth volume of his Complete Work . 
Carl Jung presented personality as an ideal of adult life whose conscious realization through individuation is the ultimate goal of human development during the second half of life. But the ego arises and is consolidated in childhood and youth, being unthinkable to deal with this individuation process without addressing this initial phase of development.

This volume is a collection of Jung's works on child psychology . The core is formed by the three lessons on Analytical Psychology and Education . Jung thinks that the psychology of parents and educators is decisive in the child's growth and maturation process, especially in the case of the gifted child . It stresses the importance of an unsatisfactory psychological relationship between parents as the cause of psychogenic disorders in childhood in his article The Marriage as a psychological relationship and the connection of child issues with the problem of the self in the adult by testingOn the future of the personality .

The prejudice that Jung's psychology only refers to the second half of life or is only valid for it is refuted by this volume.