Sunday, July 11, 2021

Carl Jung's Practice of Psychotherapy - Summary

The practice of psychotherapy: contributions to the problem of psychotherapy and the psychology of transference (in German Praxis der Psychotherapie ) is a set of writings of Carl Jung included in the sixteenth volume of his Complete Work . 1

Although throughout CG Jung's work there are references to psychotherapy , with greater frequency and density in his clinical, psychoanalytic and psychiatric writings, the texts collected here focus specifically on the context, conditions and dynamics of the psychotherapy as he understands it.

Jung is the first modern psychotherapist who has known how to defend the specificity of the soul against the body and the spirit, avoiding in his own psychology that this psyche was subsumed in the biological world of the doctor or the spiritual of the religious , with their respective normative tendencies. In the same way, as he wrote in 1941, faced with a " State that today claims the absolute right to exclusive totality", "psychotherapy proclaims its intention to educate man in autonomy and moral freedom. Hence, "in our days the most important task of psychotherapy is to serve the development of the individual.