Sunday, July 16, 2017

Descartes / part 6 of Discourse on the Method - summary

In part 6 of "Discourse on the MethodRené Descartes writes that although not feeling a personal need for publishing his work, he feels he must do so in order to further human knowledge in practical fields such as engineering and medicine. Understanding God as the source of natural law and tracing the manner in which this law works can promote great benefit for men. But Descartes also warrants a highly careful attitude towards natural studies. Not causing too much social alarm and controversy and having a very firm basis for one's arguments can prove to be very beneficial for science.
Descartes welcomes criticism of his work by others, but he does note that he cannot see any holes in his theory not already considered by him. Descartes also welcomes people continuing his work from where he left off, though he doubts what else can someone else think of that he himself has failed to write.   

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