Saturday, July 24, 2021

Postcolonialism - short definition

Postcolonialism - definition: Postcolonialism is a general array of theories competing with local heritage during and after the liberation from the power of the colonial to the EU from the 19th century , and especially with the problem of formation of national identity in the end. These theories deal with the way in which knowledge of peoples and individuals, found or under colonial rule, served the interests of colonialist states, and raise even more general questions about how knowledge of occupied peoples was created, how it is used and how peoples and individuals living under foreign rule form THEIR identity anew. 

Many postcolonial theories are influenced by the concept of "power" of the French philosopher Michel Foucault . They examine how peoples, who are under colonial rule, are depicted, and how a system of symbols and images, described as objective knowledge, about these peoples is formed.