Friday, July 9, 2021

Alienation (Marx) - short definition

Alienation is a mental or social state , of an individual or of a social group , who feel themselves as "not belonging", detached and indifferent .

Some argue that the Industrial Revolution , for example, has led to the replacement of various artists by workers in the production line who, unlike their predecessors, did not enjoy the sense of satisfaction involved in being responsible for the end result - the finished product. A worker who performs monotonous routine work and is not a partner in all stages of production will suffer, according to Karl Marx , from frustration and alienation.

Marx was not the first to use the term, it is a technical term in German philosophy that came up in Hegel's writing. In German philosophy, the alienation is between humanity and human existence. The meaning of "humanity" in this context is similar to the meaning of "welfare". The implication in the sentence is that the social situation brings people to live a life that does not realize itself, since they do not live according to what makes a life for the good.