Sunday, September 3, 2017

The Genius according to Kierkegaard

The genius according to Kierkegaard is a qualitative category which distinguishes a person from other human beings. The genius for Kierkegaard is born this way, and therefore his definition of the concept does not involve and ethical or religious considerations. This also means the genius cannot by mortal efforts. Socrates as a man of thought and ethics, or Jesus as a man of faith and religion, were not geniuses and this is why no one can argue that he doesn't need to meet their standards since he was not gifted like them. People who are geniuses in Kierkegaard's view, like Goethe or Napoleon, can still be at a lower point in terms of ethics or faith. Kierkegaard regarded his own literary and philosophic genius as irrelevant in religious terms and worthless in moral terms. The genius has to justify his existence in moral and religious actions.