Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Faith According to Kierkegaard - short definition

In his book "Sickness Unto Death" Kierkegaard defines faith as opposed to sin and as the complete overcoming of desperation. Faith for Kierkegaard is not a matter of rational debate and it does not have to do with any facts. Accepting the things written in the bible as such is not faith in Kierkegaard's eyes but just a matter of indoctrination. From another direction, faith for Kierkegaard cannot be inspired by historical research or philosophy. Faith is not rational for Kierkegaard who opposes it to the mental and rational and identifies it with wonder and Paradox (see Fear and Trembling for examples). Faith for Kierkegaard inspires the existential revolution of the whole soul which transcends above everyday life in which most humans dwell.  See also: Leap of faith.