Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Kierkegaard on Indirect communication and his Pseudonyms - summary

 Indirect communication
Kierkegaard perceptively observed that although direct communication can be very effective in communicating facts or information, it cannot adequately catalyse the realisation of subjective truth, which is the only type of truth that potentially can evolve a person’s consciousness− for this purpose an indirect tactic is needed.According to him, “All communication of knowledge is direct communication. All communication of capability is indirect communication.” (Watts, 63)

a. It was not to conceal his identity
b. They were also used to prevent his readers from treating his work as ‘authoritative knowledge.’
c. It also allowed him to reveal more of what he thought and felt.
d. He also believed that others would not consider him an ‘authority’ worth listening to,
e. They were also used to present his ideas about life from different points of view. (Watts 65-66)

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