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  1. The orchestrated modernity: A cultural discourse
    The significance of modernity is to be understood by the way we could project ourselves into the surroundings of ours. It is an idea which gets transformed into the behaviour and our actions. We all know the values associated with modernity, which ranges from a good communication, a cultured attitude to the extent of how immersed we are in the new world, a modern world precisely. My intention is not to go much deeper into the definition of modernity and modern world .I precisely trying to sketch the idea of cultural nuances, which has gained a very important position in the new modern world of ours.
    The tender idea of modernity that arose in the renaissance of Europe provided an impetus for the re-examination of culture and its emoluments in the European society. The conditions which favoured the manufacturing of modern values also provided them a sense of alienation towards the other people, a dismembered part of European society. This alienation has not been completely tagged as one disjointed by Marxism analogues, this alienation is superficially a kind of ignorance which they had with respect to others. This ignorance even though has been persisted from long, but at that time, the alienation has taken the seat of ignorance. Now, people felt alienation, not ignorance.


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